The ergoHI² GRINDER is our centerpiece for modern endurance and strength training. It has been specially developed to provide the body with gentle training at the highest level.

More endurance More power More power Optimized breathing

With cyclical movements and freely adjustable resistance, the ergoHI² GRINDER can be used to train the entire upper body. Both endurance and strength training are possible. In contrast to conventional training with weights, the ergoHI² GRINDER is easy on joints and muscles. The ergoHI² GRINDER not only achieves maximum performance, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury during training.

Strength training

The resistance of the ergoHI² GRINDER is infinitely adjustable. This enables effective strength training in the maximum range. In contrast to conventional training, the ergoHI² GRINDER is easy on the joints, as the cyclical movements do not cause any unwanted impact loads during training. Our athletes achieve top results with the ergoHI² GRINDER in a fraction of the time of conventional weight training.

Endurance training

With reduced resistance, the ergoHI² GRINDER is ideal for regular endurance training. Standing and with cyclical rotational movements, professional endurance training can be combined with targeted training of the entire upper body musculature.


Especially in professional sport, it is essential to be able to resume training quickly after an injury. The ergoHI² GRINDER is the ideal training device for the rehabilitation phase thanks to its infinitely adjustable resistance and reduced impact load on the body.

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