JFJ's origins lie in aeromedical product consulting. Through the competence and expertise of our team, our company has continuously grown, helping various industries to succeed.

Diversity Meets Expertise |
Success Through Network

JFJ GmbH was founded by Josef Joachimbauer in Burgkirchen in mid-2018. Based on his many years of sales experience in the field of aviation medicine, the company has followed a strong growth path in recent years. With a global network of partners, JFJ GmbH is your first address for sales and innovation. We work strategically and individually with our customers from various industries to realize maximum success. The business areas of our company are diverse, but they have one thing in common: We stand 100% behind the services and products we offer!

Customer-oriented solutions in sales

Due to many years of experience in consulting for sales solutions, we can offer our customers individual consulting.

The goal of JFJ is the satisfaction of our customers from various fields. Starting with medical products, continuing through the field of sports, up to highly complex solutions from aviation medicine.

Our strengths lie in advising the customer on sales topics. That is why we want to offer our customers first-class support in order to develop forward-looking strategies together. As a customer of JFJ you are in the foreground with us, because we try to find the best solution for your company.

Whether it is about creating innovative ideas, developing them further or finally implementing them strategically successfully, JFJ guarantees you expertise, full commitment and an excellent worldwide network to get to that point which should be at the end of every idea: success!

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