The ergoHI² BIKE enables professional fitness training with individualized training programs and continuous training analysis. With the ergoHI² BIKE we can lead athletes specifically to their top performance. Especially in combination with normobaric altitude training, enormous performance increases can be achieved.

More endurance More power More power Optimized breathing

The ergoHI² BIKE is much more than a classic ergometer. In combination with our individualized training programs as well as the software for constant performance monitoring, top athletes can be brought to the desired performance levels in a targeted manner.


With the ergoHI² BIKE, endurance training can be individualized and professionalized. With customized training programs, athletes can be guided to peak performance and the increase in performance can be monitored seamlessly.


Our software makes it possible to design customized training plans for athletes, guide them through their training, and accurately analyze each athlete's performance, even over longer periods of time.

Altitude training

The ergoHI² BIKE can be used in the ergoHI² CABIN or in one of our ergoHI² ROOMS. Thus, professional endurance training can be combined with regular altitude training. Under reduced oxygen supply, the body gets used to perform constantly under extreme conditions.

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