Aviation & Space Medicine

Our offer ranges from individual aeromedical training devices to complete solutions for aeromedical institutes. We cater to your individual needs.

Competence in technology

Our team has many years of expertise and is always familiar with the current state of the art. We select the right solution for your individual requirements and support you in the planning, development, production and implementation of aeromedical products - both in the civil and military sectors.

Normobaric Training Systems/ergoHI² Military

ergoHI² Military was developed to simulate an altitude of up to 7000 m in a mobile or permanently installed room. A distinction is made between the "hypoxia demonstration room" and the "training & acclimation room" With various training modules such as a cockpit with integrated flight simulator, the ergoHI² BIKE, ergoHI² GRINDER and the ergoHI² COACHING, diverse requirements and needs of the customers can be met.

Altitude simulation training offers myriad benefits such as greatly increased lung capacity, pre-acclimatization to mitigate "acute altitude sickness" or detection of hypoxia symptoms.

Virtual Vision Terrain Board

This virtual training device simulates Generation I through Generation III, green and white phosphor night vision devices.

More than 50 scenarios can be run in real time, from basic concepts to advanced tactics and procedures. A variety of different virtual terrains allows both ground troops and special forces to conduct realistic training.

With many optional training features, the exercise can be customized. NightreadinessLLC is the largest provider of night vision simulation training devices in the world.

Hypobaric Chamber Systems

In this chamber system, up to 8 people can experience the symptoms of high and low pressure and train how to deal with them. 2 coaches accompany the exercise in the main chamber and are responsible for the safety of the subjects. The training chamber has a diameter of 3 meters and weighs about 25000 kg, fully equipped.

In recent years, the company HAUX Life-Support GmbH has established itself as the world market leader in the field of overpressure and underpressure simulation.

Star Spot SD Trainer

This highly efficient simulation device is used to train the awareness of disorientation effects, such as fog, during a flight. It consists of a cockpit with integrated flight simulator and a state-of-the-art visualization system. A comprehensive range of visual and vestibular spatial disorientation illusions that can be expected in real flight can be demonstrated and trained here. Environments such as mountain landscapes, desert, sea,.. can be realistically represented. To ensure an even more realistic training, different flight models are additionally offered for selection.

Star Eject

An ejection seat can be just as important to pilots' survival as correct handling at the right time. Ejection seat simulators are available for survival and safety training in order to learn and train the precise use of the ejection seat under realistic and safe conditions.

The Star Eject impresses with its extremely reliable and proven technology, as well as with a TÜV-tested safety system. Compared to other ejector seat mechanisms, the Star Eject is very cost-efficient and offers unbeatable value for money.