Health & Sports

As a partner for all topics related to sports, JFJ Health & Sports GmbH offers professional solutions in the medical and sports sector.

JFJ Health & Sports | Innovations & Synergies

During the course of the pandemic, JFJ has proven to be a reliable partner for Austrian government agencies, hospital associations, ministries and end consumers in terms of security of supply. After the end of the pandemic, JFJ is still active in this sector with the distribution of medical products and has also expanded its range. In collaboration with COLT, JFJ is the exclusive distributor for the innovative coating product PURE CABIN. In addition, the passion and enthusiasm for sport within the team was used to expand the sales area in this direction. This resulted in the unique ergoHI² altitude training system. Developed and built in-house at JFJ, it helps numerous athletes to achieve maximum performance.

JFJ Health & Sports creates innovations and synergies.


ergoHI² uses the expertise and experience in the field of aviation medicine for training facilities and concepts. Together with sports scientists, the unique training concept ergoHI² was developed for both high-performance and mass sports.

Our altitude training significantly improves performance, providing an increase in endurance and rehabilitation while reducing the risk of injury.


The FEDDZ mopeds, light motorcycles and e-bikes stand out from the crowd to the maximum. The perfect integration of the latest generation of batteries and the fine frame design show that design and extreme load can work together perfectly.

Medical products

As a state-certified medical device distributor and partner of the Austrian Bundesbeschaffung GmbH, we have been supplying federal states, companies and institutions with high-quality certified protective equipment since the beginning of the pandemic. We supply you on time and in highest quality with protective masks, protective gowns, gloves and more.

Pure Cabin

Pure Cabin is a holistic, easy-to-use concept for protection against viruses, bacteria and spores. It massively reduces the risk of infection on all surfaces, creating a hygienic environment. JFJ Health & Sports is the distributor for the entire Pure Cabin product range.