Free from microplastics, environmentally friendly and permanently cost-effective. That's what makes the Schankschmiede so special!

It's easy with us!

Modern dispensing systems, revolutionary water treatment with incomparable hygiene

Overcrowded warehouses, personnel costs, rising CO2 - is it really necessary for WATER to spend endless kilometers on the road before it ends up in your glass? No!

Our Flexibar is the solution

At the touch of a button, we produce top-quality water when it is needed, free of microplastics and bacteria through the use of state-of-the-art filter technology from BWT. With our Flexibar, we are sustainably reducing the consumption of plastic bottles for the sake of nature and our children.

Flexibar - the solution for every occasion

Our mobile plug & play solution ensures a perfect supply of drinking water wherever it is needed with a simple water and power connection. Thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology, drinks and drinking quantities can be selected without contact and hygienically dispensed.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

A specially developed dispensing spout guarantees a cold chain right into the container. In contrast to permanently cooled beverage dispensers, this means reduced power consumption.

No more lugging around bottles or polluting the environment with plastic.